About the Award

INCE-USA is offering the Nancy Timmerman Members’ Choice Project of the Year Award to acknowledge notable project(s) completed in the field of noise control or architectural acoustics. The primary candidate must be an Associate or Full Member of INCE-USA. Of the applications received, finalists will be selected for voting by INCE-USA Members. One or more projects may receive the award during any given year.

Award: Certificate and recognition of achievement in conference and INCE-USA materials.

List of Awardees



Eric Wood, Acentech
George Maling, NAE
Bob Hellweg, Hellweg Acoustics
Adnan Akay, Bilkent University
Gregg Fleming, Volpe

for the project

Technology for a Quieter America (TQA) Workshops and Reports


2021 (Inaugural Year)

Felicia DoggettPresident & CEO

Metropolitan Acoustics

for the project

One Riverside Pool Isolation

A problem arose at a recently completed high-rise condominium building in Philadelphia, PA. Tenants on many levels above a pool located on the second level of the building stressed that they could hear low-frequency sound when an early-morning swimmer was doing laps. Looking through literature, we found nothing to attest to the phenomenon that presented itself. To investigate, we used a 15 lb. rubber medicine ball to simulate the force caused by the swimmer, which also provided a repeatable source. Cavitation in the water created by the arm strokes of the swimmer was exciting the pool shell and transmitting through the structure ultimately converting to audible sound via the lightweight partitions in the living units. Our measurement system included time synchronized triaxial accelerometers to determine the transmission paths through the building. We identified this unique problem, determined the structural transmission paths, and provided recommendations which ultimately resulted in a successful outcome. Learn More Here!

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