Don’t Let Your Good Sound Isolation Go Up in Smoke!

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PAC International

During this April 27, 2023 webinar, INCE members Mike Raley from PAC International and Evelyn Way from Maxxon discussed how to incorporate acoustic and fire design elements for your building design projects. There are many design elements that work well for fire and for acoustics, however, there are also areas where what works well for fire can be at odds with what works well for acoustics. In this presentation, Mike and Evelyn discussed acoustic and fire design elements for basic wall and floor/ceiling assemblies and for design details like penetrations and assembly intersections. Topics included

  • A basic overview of acoustic and fire design requirements and testing
  • A walk-through of a common UL fire-resistive design
  • Discussion of the UL design elements that can affect acoustics
  • Proper design details for penetrations and intersections that maintain fire and acoustical performance

Sponsors MAXXON and PAC International made brief presentations at the start of the webinar.


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Meet the Presenters

Mike Raley
Director of Engineering, PAC International

Mike is Board Certified by INCE and actively participates in INCE, ASA, and ASTM. After working as an acoustical consultant, Mike has spent the last five years working for product manufacturers, providing the testing and technical information he appreciated as a consultant.

Mike Raley

Evelyn Way
Lead Scientist, Acoustics R&D, Maxxon

After working over 15 years as a consultant, Evelyn joined Maxxon where she is responsible for technical support of acoustic isolation products, developing new isolation products, and running Maxxon’s recently completed floor/ceiling reverberation test chambers. She is actively involved in ASA, INCE, and ASTM.

Evelyn Way

Building Design for Room Acoustics Webinar

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INCE-USA held its second educational webinar, Building Design for Room Acoustics, on February 23, 2023. Sponsored by Rockfon, this webinar featured INCE members Erik Miller-Klein from Tenor Engineering Group and Ethan Bourdeau from International WELL Building Institute discussing room acoustics requirements and today's modern building design standards/guidelines for interiors. Webinar topics included:

  • Overview of building design standards and guidelines, including WELL, LEED, FGI, Green Globes, ASTM, and more
  • Options for ceiling and wall sound absorption mountings, materials, finishes, and formats
  • Understanding the benefits of stone wool as a sound-absorbing building material
  • The latest trends in room acoustics and performance verification methods
  • Noise absorption myths and lessons learned.

Sponsor Rockfon made a brief presentation at the start of webinar.


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Meet the Presenters

Erik Miller-Klein
Founder + Principal, Acoustical Engineering, Tenor Engineering Group

Erik Miller-Klein is the founder and Principal of Acoustical Engineering at Tenor Engineering Group based in Seattle, WA. He is a registered professional engineer in acoustics from the State of Oregon and Board Certified by INCE. He actively contributes to ASHRAE, ASTM, ANSI, and FGI standards. He focuses on bringing evidence-based design to his projects and industry.

Erik Miller-Klein

Ethan Bourdeau
Sound Concept Lead at the International WELL Building Institute

Ethan Bourdeau is the Sound Concept Lead at the International WELL Being Institute, Executive Director of Standards and Built Environment for Quiet Parks International, and the youngest Director on the INCE Board. He also operates Bourdeau Acoustical Design, which provides consulting services for listening rooms, public art installations, and private residences internationally.

Ethan Bourdeau

INCE Building Acoustics: Sound Isolation Webinar

INCE-USA held its first educational webinar, Building Acoustics: Sound Isolation, on Wednesday, July 27, 2022. Presented by Felicia Doggett, INCE Bd Cert, President, CEO, and Founder of Metropolitan Acoustics, and Benjamin Davenny, PE, INCE Bd Cert, EDAC, Health Care Market Leader and Principal Consultant at Acentech, and sponsored by National Gypsum, the webinar covered these topics:

  • Design Guidance of relevant terminology, building materials, wall construction, and floor/ceiling construction for sound isolation.
  • Background Sound, masking other noise from within your building and increasing perceived privacy and how it can be used to your advantage.
  • Dispelling Sound Isolation Myths such as:
    • Wood studs are good for sound isolation
    • Putting curtains on windows will decrease the sound penetration
    • Carpeting will solve all your impact noise problems
    • Putting acoustic panels on walls can increase sound isolation
National Gypsum

Sponsor National Gypsum made a brief presentation and also shared their SoundBook® 2.0,featuring technical details and sound-rated assembly drawings.


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INCE plans to host more educational webinars, so stay tuned for more details.


Meet Our Speakers

Felicia Doggett, INCE Bd. Cert.
President, CEO, and Founder of Metropolitan Acoustics

Felicia Doggett is the President and CEO of Metropolitan Acoustics, a consulting firm that she founded in 1990. Her wide-ranging knowledge in acoustics, noise control and vibration is an invaluable resource to her clients and staff. Felicia’s expertise has shaped the company as a leader in the industry with some of the following accomplishments: grown the company from 1 to 20 employees; moved the company three times to accommodate growth; introduced additional markets including vibration and continuous monitoring; and recognized at the Philadelphia 100 and Future50 SmartCEO awards for the region’s fastest growing companies (2015-2017).

In addition to providing leadership to her company, Felicia is very active in mentoring and disseminating her knowledge to colleagues and the next generation of acousticians and entrepreneurs. She has been a presenter and panelist at dozens of technical conferences and events nationwide, and has authored articles in technical magazines. Felicia is also a frequent guest lecturer at schools and universities in the Philadelphia area; a mentor for ACE (Architecture, Construction and Engineering) program for high school students; a frequent counselor and judge for the Horn Center for Entrepreneurship at University of Delaware; and the employer of dozens of students from Drexel University’s co-op program for past 20 years. Felicia, as a woman business owner in a technical field, is a passionate supporter of woman-owned businesses in the Philadelphia area.

Felicia earned her INCE Board Certification in 1993 and has been active in INCE ever since. Felicia is the 2022 winner of the William W. Lang Award for the Distinguished Noise Control Engineer, which recognizes individuals who have rendered conspicuous and consistently outstanding service to INCE-USA and to the field of noise control engineering over a sustained period. She is also a silver-certified member of ASA, and her company is a member of NCAC and the Philadelphia Chapters of ASHRAE and AIA. Felicia spearheaded the formation of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Acoustical Society of America and is the current Chair. She earned her BA in Liberal Studies in Acoustics from the University of Delaware in 1986.

Felicia Doggett

Benjamin Davenny PE, INCE Bd Cert, EDAC
Principal Consultant, Acentech

Ben Davenny is a seasoned acoustical engineer with over 20 years of project management and consulting experience in the areas of architectural and environmental acoustics, and HVAC noise and vibration control, for a wide range of institutional and commercial building types. He specializes in architectural acoustics design and analysis for healthcare infrastructure including hospitals, medical offices and life science laboratories. Ben has authored several articles on acoustic design for healthcare facilities, and presented on this topic at many healthcare-related conferences. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Acoustics from the University of Hartford, and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Boston University. Ben is a registered Professional Engineer, is INCE Board Certified in Noise Control Engineering, and holds an Evidence Based Design Accreditation and Certification (EDAC) from the Center for Health Design. He is an active member of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) and the New England Healthcare's Engineers' Society (NEHES).

Ben Davenny

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