INCE-USA Publications

INCE-USA publishes or provides a set of reports and guides on issues concerning Noise Control Engineering.

Noise and Sound Control at Your Home

This booklet provides information and advice on controlling noise and sound for people interested in and sensitive to the acoustical environment where they live.

The authors have served as consultants for more than four decades during which time they have been contacted by individuals and companies throughout the United States requesting assistance to address many interesting and challenging acoustical issues. This booklet for homeowners is based on that experience.

We define noise control as reducing unwanted intrusive sounds. Sound control on the other hand relates to steps that can be taken at home to enhance and improve desirable sounds such as those associated with music and entertainment systems.

Names and contact information for other experienced consultants are available on the websites for the Institute of Noise Control Engineering and the National Council of Acoustical Consultants.

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