Have you thought about taking an active role in lNCE-USA? The Institute is run and operated by volunteers, and there is always a need and an opportunity for new volunteers.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering is an opportunity to help INCE-USA promote the profession, disseminate noise control information, and support the exchange of information. Some common reasons for volunteering include:

  • The opportunity to network with others working in noise control from around the country
  • The desire to grow and improve INCE-USA conferences
  • Interest in educating and assisting future noise control engineers
  • The desire to help educate noise control engineers in new technology or standards
  • Interest in providing leadership to carry INCE-USA into the future
  • Interest in a particular technical area - to support sessions at conferences or to develop new standards or techniques
  • The desire to learn about other areas of noise control or issues in other areas of the country

Technical Activities

The easiest way to have greater involvement in INCE-USA is to volunteer to serve on a technical committee. These committees meet at the NOISE-CON and INTER-NOISE conferences and require a minimum commitment of time. They provide an opportunity to interact with others interested in the same area and participate in developing sessions for conferences. To learn more, visit the Technical Activities page: https://www.inceusa.org/about-ince-usa/technical-activities/.


The NOISE-CON and INTER-NOISE conferences are often in need of volunteers. Volunteers are critical to planning and managing these conferences. Whether you are interested in organizing sessions, helping to find Keynote Speakers, helping with awards, or providing guidance for young professionals, there are plenty of opportunities. Visit the Conferences page: https://www.inceusa.org/conferences/, to find more information and links for upcoming conferences. If you contact the conference chairperson, they will be pleased to provide an opportunity for you to participate.

NCEJ Reviewer

On average, NCEJ processes over 120 papers a year. This means we need at least 360 reviewers. As a result, we are always looking for quality reviewers. You can contact the editor at EditorNCEJ@inceusa.org to volunteer to review papers. You can choose the area in which you want to receive papers. This role will only require a few hours a year of your time. For more information on the journal, visit: https://www.inceusa.org/publications/noise-control-engineering-journal/.

Courses and Certification

Another available opportunity is the need for new courses to help educate those working in noise control. If you would like to teach a course as part of the INCE-USA educational program, we encourage you to submit a proposal. The current INCE-USA courses started this way. A good start is to contact the VP for Students Activities and Education at vp_education@inceusa.org. You can discuss your course and how it might be proposed.


The INCE-USA Certification Board is often looking for volunteers to grade exams, to serve as exam proctors, and to serve on the Certification Board. If you are Board Certified, your help will be much appreciated. If you are interested, please contact the VP for Board Certification at vp_board_Cert@inceusa.org. For more information on Board Certification activities, please visit https://www.inceusa.org/board-certification/about/.

Board of Directors and Officers

Another way to volunteer is to serve on the INCE-USA Board of Directors or as an officer. Since these are elected positions, you will need to volunteer and be reviewed by the nominations committee. Open Board positions are then voted on by the members of the Institute. To learn more about these opportunities to serve on the Board or as an Officer, contact the President, the Executive Director, or one of the current Officers or Directors. Their information can be found on this page: https://www.inceusa.org/about-ince-usa/board-officers-and-staff/.

Sustaining Members

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