The Institute of Noise Control Engineering of the USA gratefully acknowledges the financial assistance given by the Sustaining Members of the INCE/USA Liaison Program. Contributions from Sustaining Members are used to maintain the level and quality of the activities of the Institute. Companies or consulting firms may become Sustaining Members of the Institute. Please apply using the INCE SUSTAINING MEMBER APPLICATION FORM. (NOTE: Download form and open with Adobe Acrobat Reader to use the interactive features of the document.)

Sustaining Members of INCE-USA

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Cavanaugh Tocci Associates Inc.


CDM Stravitec

CDM Stravitec

Founded in 1951 in Belgium, CDM Stravitec is a solutions provider for architectural acoustics and vibration needs: Roll-out or jack-up floating floor systems, fitness damping systems, spring ceiling hangers and spring bearings, wall ties and clips, and other solutions for complete box-in-box systems. Our own civil, structural and mechanical engineers help acoustical or structural engineering firms to provide high performing isolation systems for performing arts and entertainment, fitness studios, medical facilities, residential developments. In the US, CDM Stravitec is headquartered in Lancaster, PA and services all States with installation or on-site supervision.


Colin Gordon

Colin Gordon Associates
CGA works in all areas of vibration and noise control in buildings, and with a specific expertise in the design of very low vibration and noise (infrasonic to ultrasonic range) research and manufacturing space for academic, commercial, and government buildings for physics research, microelectronics, nanotechnology, healthcare, and other industries.


ecore Commercial Logo

Ecore Commercial
Ecore transforms reclaimed waste into unique surfaces that make people’s lives better.


Gerb Logo

GERB Vibration Control Systems, Inc.
GERB provides vibration isolation and vibration control of buildings, floor slabs, and rail tracks using springs, rubber, and NOVODAMP® polyurethane bearings. GERB also designs and supplies Tuned Mass Dampers to provide supplemental damping for long-span and slender structures like stairs, floors, and tall buildings with installed references of up to 700 T. Established in 1908; more than 600 employees worldwide; products made in Germany.


Illingworth Rodkin

Illingworth & Rodkin
Illingworth & Rodkin provides a complete range of consulting services in acoustics, vibration and air quality to governmental agencies, private sector clients and other environmental and design professionals.



Kolano and Saha Engineers, Inc.

Founded in 1986, Kolano and Saha Engineers are an independent, private-practice professional engineering and consulting firm specializing in acoustics, noise and vibration. They are licensed Professional Engineers and also INCE Board Certified Noise Control Engineers, whose office and acoustics laboratory are located in Waterford, MI, USA. The K&S laboratory is accredited per ISO / IEC 17025.


Noise Control Engineering LLC

Noise Control Engineering LLC
Noise Control Engineering LLC, established in 1991, specializes in predicting and controlling noise and vibration in marine and industrial fields.



Penn State Graduate Program in Acoustics
Our distance education program offers more than 20 graduate level courses in acoustics (acoustics and vibration fundamentals, transducers, signal processing, noise control, outdoor sound, nonlinear and computational acoustics sound-structure interaction) which may be taken as standalone courses, or toward the M.Eng. in Acoustics degree.



Ray W. Herrick Laboratories, Purdue University
The Ray W. Herrick Laboratories at Purdue University is dedicated to graduate education and engineering research with an emphasis on technology transfer to industry.


Scantek Inc

Scantek, Inc.
Scantek, Inc. is a worldwide leader in sound and vibration instrumentation sales, service, rental and calibration.


SVI Dynamics

SVI DYNAMICS (a division of SVI INDUSTRIAL) is a leading manufacturer of engineered gas path and industrial noise control solutions for power and process applications, including custom air inlet systems, exhaust systems, and silencers for gas turbines, reciprocating engines, fans, compressors, blowers, and steam vents. We leverage our extensive engineering experience in industrial noise control and exhaust silencer manufacturing to be a leading turnkey supplier for all your gas path support needs. We utilize our in-house engineering to design innovative and proven solutions to meet your acoustic, aerodynamic, thermal, and structural project goals.


Wilson Ihrig

Wilson Ihrig
Founded in 1966, WIlson Ihrig is a noise, vibration and acoustical consulting firm with offices in California (SF Bay Area and Los Angeles), Seattle, and New York City. We have a team of highly trained and experienced professional specialists in acoustics and vibration. We have earned an international reputation for excellence in areas relating to acoustical design, noise and vibration control in areas such as: Transportation noise & vibration, building isolation, structure-borne noise & vibration, architectural acoustics, and issues relating to construction and the environment.

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