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NCEJ is the pre-eminent academic journal of noise control. It is the International Journal of the Institute of Noise Control Engineering of the USA, produced with the participation and assistance of the Korean Society of Noise and Vibration Engineering (KSNVE).

NCEJ reaches noise control professionals around the world, covering over 50 national noise control societies and institutes.

INCE-USA encourages you to submit your next paper to NCEJ. Choosing NCEJ:

  • Provides the opportunity to reach a global audience of NCE professionals, academics, and students;
  • Enhances the prestige of your work;
  • Validates your work by formal peer review.

Submissions to NCEJ receive thorough review by NCE peers. Final acceptance of any submission is solely based on the outcome of the anonymous peer review process.

Case Studies

As well as Technical Papers, NCEJ accepts Case Studies. Unlike Technical Papers, Case Studies are focused on providing reference-level information for practicing noise control engineers. A Case Study must adhere to the same format and organizational requirements of a Technical Paper as outlined in the NCEJ MS Word Template for Paper Submissions. It must be written clearly and provide a well-organized discussion of a noise control application with strong technical content describing what was done and the effectiveness of the controls.

Acceptable Paper Topics for NCEJ

As a general description, acceptable paper topics include submissions related to airborne and structurally transmitted noise. This does not include electric circuit or electromagnetic radiation noise. General topics include: sound, structurally transmitted sound, and vibration in the audible range. There is a vast range of topics covered under this umbrella. While it is impossible to provide a comprehensive list, a short summary is provided below.

  • Emission: noise sources
  • Physical phenomena related to noise generation and propagation
  • Noise control elements -- including but not limited to: barriers, enclosures, isolation, silences, absorptive materials, hearing protection, and many more elements
  • Vibration and shock generation, transmission, isolation, and reduction
  • Immission -- physical aspects of environmental noise
  • Immission -- effects of noise: perception, physiological effects, psychological effects, sociological effects, and others
  • Analysis -- instrumentation, tests, test facilities, signal processing, analytical methods, modeling, audiometry, and psychoacoustical evaluations
  • Requirements -- standards, regulations, ordinances, etc.

For a more detailed listing, see the INCE Classification of Subjects.

Submit to NCEJ

To submit your Technical Paper or Case Study, please go to our online submission site:

You will need to register an account on this site in order to upload your paper. All reviews and communication take place through this website. Once submitted, you will be able to check on the status of your paper via this website.

If you are an INCE-USA Member, please note that this is a separate website from the INCE-USA Membership portal, so you will need a separate account.

NCEJ Author Resources

Become a Reviewer for NCEJ

The NCEJ Editorial Team is always looking for professional and knowledgeable reviewers. From Graduate Students to Retirees, we need your help with paper reviews. If you would like to volunteer to be a reviewer for NCEJ, please register on the NCEJ Editorial website as a reviewer.

If you are an INCE-USA Member, please note that this is a separate website from the INCE-USA Membership portal, so you will need a separate account (if you have not already created one).

Once you have accessed the NCEJ Editorial website, select the Subject Classifications for the types of papers you would prefer to review. Doing so will enable the Editorial Team to select qualified reviewers, and you will receive papers in your areas of interest for review.

Contact the NCEJ Editorial Team

Contact the Editor:
Contact our KSNVE Partner, Yang-Hann Kim:

Associate Editors of NCEJ

Andrew Barnard & Miles Penhale – Measurement Methods and Testing

Wade Bray – Sound Quality and Perception

Norm Broner – Environmental Noise

Yin Cao – Active Noise Control

Kristin Cody – Flow-Induced Sound and Vibration

Tyler Dare & Kyle Meyers – Tire Noise, Signal Analysis, Modal Analysis

Gordon Ebbitt – Automotive NVH

Jon Mooney – Building Acoustics

David Herrin – Mufflers and Silencers

Jeanette Hesedahl – Book Review Editor

Jay Kim – Vibration Effects, Workplace Noise Exposure, Occupational Noise, Aircraft Noise

Yang-Hann Kim, Asia-Pacific Region

Judy Rochat – Transportation

Ahmet Selamet – Engine Breathing System Noise and Silencers

Scott Sommerfeldt – Active Noise Control

Steve Sorenson – Automotive NVH

Tim Wu – Simulation

Recognizing NCEJ's Outstanding Reviewers for 2020

The Noise Control Engineering Journal could not function without the dedicated service of our many volunteer reviewers. For 2020, NCEJ is indebted to 216 reviewers of submitted papers. These reviewers provided outstanding feedback that guided the authors in refining their papers to make NCEJ an outstanding publication. We are very appreciative of their services.

The top 25 reviewers stood out for their inciteful guidance, timely response, and willingness to review multiple papers.

NCEJ's Outstanding Reviewers for 2020 are:

  • Ranjbar, Mostafa
  • Bray, Wade
  • Wang, Peng
  • Tickell, Colin
  • Herrin, David
  • Shi, Tongyang
  • Ozgen, Gokhan
  • Long, Guo
  • Dande, Himanshu
  • Mooney, Jon
  • Cao, Rui
  • An, Fengyan
  • Broner, Norm
  • Venkatesham, B.
  • Wang, Yawen
  • Niu, Yaying
  • Loper, Adam
  • Towers, David
  • Guo, Jianfeng
  • Rochat, Judith
  • Ruan, Kangping
  • Washburn, Karl
  • Goubert, Luc
  • Trevino, Manuel
  • Arjunan, Rajesh

Sustaining Members

  • Parklane
  • Herrick
  • Blachford
  • Scantek
  • CGA
  • NCE
  • HMMH
  • Ebco
  • PSU
  • Illingworth
  • EAR
  • CT
  • Regupol
  • Kolano and Saha Engineers, Inc.
  • CDM Stravitec
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