Each year, at the corresponding NOISE-CON conference or North American INTER-NOISE congress, a special session is held during which students have an opportunity to present a review of a classic or seminal paper in Noise Control Engineering. Each presentation is judged based on the student’s ability to understand and communicate the significance of the original paper, its effect on subsequent developments in the field and, if applicable, presentation of the student’s own work in this area.


  • 2017: Yutong Xue, Purdue University
    Overview of J.B. Moreland’s 1976 paper on Controlling Industrial Noise by means of Room Boundary Absorption
  • 2016: Daniel Carr, Purdue University
    Revisiting Applegate and Croker’s 1976 NCEJ paper: Reducing the Noise of a Rotary Lawn Mower Blade
  • 2015: Yangfan Liu, Purdue University
    Overview of Paul E. Sabine’s 1931 Paper: A Critical Study of the Precision of Measurement of Absorption Coefficients by Reverberation Method
  • 2014: Daniel Woods, Purdue University
    Overview of L. L. Beranek's 2006 paper on "Analysis of Sabine and Eyring equations and their application to concert hall audience and chair absorption"
  • 2013: Guohua Sun, University of Cincinnati
    Overview of Olson H. and May E.’s 1953 paper on “Electronic Sound Absorber”
  • 2012: Ryan Schultz, Purdue University
    Overview of Beranek & Work’s 1949 Paper on “Sound Transmission through Multiple Structures Containing Flexible Blankets
  • 2012: Michael Hayward, Purdue University
    Overview of Hunt, Beranek and Maa’s 1939 paper on “Analysis of Sound Decay in Rectangular Rooms

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