There are many resources available both to the public and to professionals for Noise Control Engineering. This page features links and information to many such resources.

Publications on Noise Control from INCE-USA

INCE-USA publishes a formal academic Journal, a professional magazine (in cooperation with I-INCE), and formal reports from National workshops on Noise control.

These are available through links found on our Publications page.

Consultants in Noise Control Engineering

Those INCE-USA members who have made themselves available for consulting in Noise Control can be found through our Membership Directory.

Several Noise Control consulting companies can be reached through our Sustaining Members.

INCE-USA strongly recommends that you choose consultants who are Board Certified in Noise Control Engineering.

Noise Control Products and Materials

There is a vast array of products and materials intended specifically for Noise Control, in the home, workplace, public and worship spaces, and industry. The information below is primarily related to construction, architecture, industry, and hearing protection. It does include personal products like noise-cancelling headphones.

Many of our Sustaining Members provide products, materials, and advice for Noise Control.

Simple internet searches can also provide a wealth of information and links to vendors. Avoid terms like "soundproof" or "soundproofing", and rely on reputable vendors who can supply technical information about their products.


Recommended search terms include the following:

To protect your hearing

  • hearing [protection protectors]
  • [earplugs | ear plugs]
  • [earmuffs | ear muffs]

To reduce extraneous sound in reverberant or "live" spaces

In general, reducing sound from within an existing space that is reverberant or "live" requires adding softer materials to the walls, ceiling, and floors. Lower-frequency sound requires thicker absorbers.

  • sound absorption
  • sound absorbing materials
  • sound absorbing panels
  • sound absorbing curtains
  • sound absorbing ceiling tiles

To block sound from penetrating from outdoors or an adjacent space

Blocking sound from penetrating into a space requires two things:

  1. adding weight (mass) to the room envelope, and
  2. sealing up all gaps and holes.

For outdoor noise, heavy barriers that block the line-of-sight to a noise source can be effective.

  • sound isolation [materials | panels | tiles]
  • sound blocking [materials | panels | tiles]
  • acoustical [isolation | insulation] [materials, panels]
  • sound isolating [doors | windows]
  • [door | drop] seals
  • noise barriers
  • acoustical [caulk | sealant]
  • acoustical pads (for electrical outlet boxes)

To reduce sound passing through or out of HVAC ductwork

  • acoustical duct
  • acoustical duct [liner | lining]
  • acoustical duct [lagging | wrap]
  • [HVAC | duct] silencer
  • sound attenuator

To isolate vibrating machinery or systems from floors and supports

  • vibration [isolator | isolation]
  • vibration isolation pad
  • vibration hanger
  • vibration damper

To damp (reduce) vibration of panels

  • [vibration] damping [material | sheet]
  • constrained layer damper

To isolate floors from impact noise (footsteps, dropped objects)

  • impact isolation material
  • floor isolation
  • floor sound insulation


Sustaining Members

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  • Blachford
  • Scantek
  • CGA
  • NCE
  • HMMH
  • Ebco
  • PSU
  • Illingworth
  • EAR
  • CT
  • Regupol
  • Kolano and Saha Engineers, Inc.
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