INCE-USA Courses in Noise Control Engineering

As part of the INCE-USA charter to advance the professional practice of Noise Control Engineering, INCE-USA offers a series of three online courses in Noise Control Engineering.

These three semester-style courses begin with the fundamentals of sound and vibration and progress through all elements of Noise Control Engineering. The courses are entirely online and offer one-on-one interaction with the instructor.

Registration Fee

$1,500 USD per course for INCE-USA Members, Associates, and Student Associates.

$1,750 USD per course for non-members.

Each course round begins on April 1 and October 1 of each year.


Additional Course Information

Refund Policy

Course fees must be paid in full at time of registration and are nonrefundable. If a request for refund is received before the start of the second lecture of each course, this will be considered on a case by case basis. If a refund is granted, only 80% of the fee is refunded as there will be a 20% administration fee.

Goals of the Noise Control Engineering Courses

These Noise Control Engineering courses are designed for individuals who are working in the industry or government that require engineering solutions for noise and vibration control. Often people are tapped to be the noise control expert without sufficient background training.

The courses are for those who cannot leave their jobs and families to pursue graduate level courses in residence at a university and would like a more thorough background in noise control engineering than can be offered in one- or two-week short courses. In addition, these courses are designed for those interested in becoming Institute of Noise Control Engineering (INCE-USA) Board Certified. Taking all three of these courses and passing the final exams for each of the three courses can be substituted for sitting for and passing the IINCE-USA Board Certification examination.

The backgrounds of students taking these courses varies widely. The courses are designed to address individual needs through interaction with the instructor, all of which will be one-on-one. The instructor can provide background to those students who may not have a strong background in mathematics, for example.

Students who successfully complete all three Noise Control Engineering courses will:

  • be able to conduct measurements and analyses required to diagnose noise and vibration problems and develop meaningful solutions;
  • be able to develop and apply methods for the control of noise and vibration in most situations;
  • know when outside consultation is required for solving complex noise and vibration control problems and how to utilize consultants effectively;
  • be given credit for the Board Certification Examination, a primary requirement for achieving INCE Board Certification.

Credit for INCE-USA Board Certification

The INCE-USA Board of Directors has determined that completion of all three courses with passing grades will be accepted as equivalent to sitting for and passing the examination for Board Certification. Thus, investing in your Noise Control education through these courses will have a concrete benefit for you.

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