INCE Board Certification Exam at INTER-NOISE 2018

INCE Board Certification Exam at INTER-NOISE 2018

The next INCE Board Certification exam will be given at the Chicago Marriott Downtown on Sunday, August 26th starting at 8am. This will be the Sunday before INTER-NOISE 2018.

INCE Board Certification applications are currently being accepted. If you are interesting in becoming INCE Board Certified, or know someone who is, please go to the follow web link for all application materials and instructions:

The deadline for submitting applications is May 1, 2018.

All applications received by that date will be notified regarding approval to take the exam by June 1, 2018. Professional references and academic transcripts are required as part of the application, so please allow time to obtain these documents by the application deadline.

Also, please be aware that a new set of bylaws was approved at the recent INCE-USA winter Board of Directors' meeting creating a new, independent "Certification Board." This new Certification Board, headed by the INCE-USA Vice President of Board Certification (VPBC), will oversee the board certification process and will be the certifying authority for INCE Board Certifications from this point forward. This Certification Board will operate independently of the INCE-USA Board of Directors with regard to the evaluation and awarding of INCE Board Certification and periodic recertification.

All of the previous requirements for INCE Board Certification will remain the same with one exception. Individual membership in INCE-USA is no longer a requirement to become INCE Board Certified under the new bylaws (although non-INCE-USA members will be required to pay an annual Board Certification Maintenance fee in lieu of individual INCE-USA membership dues).

Finally, I would like to thank Mike Bahtiarian, our past Vice President of Board Certification, the INCE Business Office staff, and all of the INCE-USA Officers and Board members and Board Certification Committee members who helped to develop and approve our new independent Certification Board. Expect to see new improvements and benefits to the INCE Board Certification program from our new Certification Board in the near future.

Best Wishes,

Paul Burge, INCE Bd. Cert.


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