Artificial Intelligence in Noise Control Engineering: NCEJ Special Focus Area

Artificial Intelligence in Noise Control Engineering: NCEJ Special Focus Area

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications for Noise Control Engineering is growing. AI can be used to understand human subjective reaction to noise and our perception of sonic environments. AI is also used to characterize complex acoustical systems and to develop effective noise controls in such systems.

The Noise Control Engineering Journal (NCEJ) is launching a Special Focus Area on Artificial Intelligence in upcoming issues.

Our colleague and partner Yang-Hann Kim ( is coordinating this effort. Dr. Kim will be inviting selected authors to prepare papers focused on uses of AI in Noise Control Engineering. He will also be coordinating the reviews of all papers submitted in the AI special focus area.

Key to our AI focus initiative will be a few outstanding invited papers that we will feature in upcoming issues. Dr. Kim will be reaching out to prospective authors and inviting papers shortly. These papers will receive special designation in NCEJ as featured treatments in the AI special focus area. 

Would you like to contribute a paper related to AI in noise control? Please contact Yang-Hann Kim, or submit your paper directly at the NCEJ publication website Please include "Artificial Intelligence" or "AI" in the title of your submission. Dr. Kim is eager to discuss possible paper topics with you!

Are you interested in reviewing AI-related NCEJ papers? Please contact Dr. Kim to volunteer your services.

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