The Martin Hirschorn / IAC Prize (Graduate Student Project) is  funded with the income from a $100,000 gift given in 1999 by the New York Community Trust, Martin Hirschorn IAC Fund. The prize is awarded in odd-numbered years, " a contribution to the education of a graduate student studying noise control engineering in the United States of America, who proposes a project related to an application of noise control engineering and/or the acoustical conditioning of architectural spaces."

The Martin Hirschorn / IAC Prize (Graduate Student Project) is awarded every other year on odd-numbered years. The Prize will next be offered in 2023.



Award Recipients

  • 2023: Samuel Underwood, University of Nebraska
    For his work in “Predicting noise in restaurants via hybrid simulation
  • 2021: Sunit Girdhar, Michigan Technological University
    Low-frequency measurement for ASTM Impact Sound Rating (ISR) for floor-ceiling assemblies in small rooms with non-diffuse fields
  • 2019: Kenton Hummel, The University of Nebraska
    Transforming Hospital Noise Fluctuation Metrics
  • 2017: Dan Hemme, University of Texas at Austin
    Characterization of Sound Power Level Spectra Produced by HVAC Chillers with Double Helical Rotary Screw Compressors Under Various Operating Conditions
  • 2015: Hyun Hong of the University of Nebraska - Lincoln
    Subjective perception of varying reflection density in room impulse responses
  • 2013: Zhao (Ellen) Peng, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    Investigation of room effects on the comprehension of speech from English-as-a second-language (ESL) talkers and native English-speaking listeners
  • 2011: Jie Duan, University of Cincinnati
    Development of a Novel Active Sound Quality Control System
  • 2009: Selen Okcu, Georgia Institute of Technology
    Development of New Acoustic Metrics for Complex Hospital Sound Environments
  • 2007: Brent W. Rudd, University of Cincinnati
    Noise Reduction for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Patients
  • 2005: Jonathan Rathsam, University of Nebraska
    Validation and Modeling of Diffraction around Three-dimensional Surfaces using a 3D Boundary Element Method
  • 2003: Ferdy Martinus, University of Kentucky
    Reconstruction of Acoustic Particle Velocity on an Open-Ended Duct
  • 2001: Erica Bowden, University of Nebraska
    Investigation of Complex Background Noise Spectra in Normal and Hearing-Impaired Persons
  • 1999: Hyeong-seok Kim, Department of Architecture, University of Florida
    Study of Community Noise from Cooling Towers and Condensing Units

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