The INCE-USA Undergraduate Student Project Award recognizes undergraduate students undertaking independent studies in Noise Control Engineering and related topics and provides them with nominal grants to aid in covering expenses that otherwise would not be available from the resources of their respective Universities.



  • Victoria Anderson, University of Nebraska
    Data Analysis for EPA Healthy Schools Project
  • Joshua Palakapilly, University of Nebraska
    Measurements and Analyses of Time-Logged Sound Levels in Restaurants


  • Dagan Pielstick and Zach Jones, Brigham Young University
    Vacuum-assisted toilet noise reduction


  • Weimin Thor, Purdue University
    A Desktop Procedure for Measuring the Transmission Loss of Automotive Door Seals.


  • Yingxiang Jiang, with Professor Patricia Davies, Purdue University
    Improving Simulations of Sonic Booms Heard Indoors and Outdoors and Explore How the Sound Characteristics Affect Annoyance.
  • Rachel Parlock and Tiffany Stahura, with Professor Robert D. Celmer, University of Hartford
    Long Term Sound Measurements in Hospital Patient Units


  • Andrew Hubbard, with Professor Jay Kim, University of Cincinnati
    Noise Control Study of Pneumatic Framing Nailers
  • Adam Steinbach, with Professor Lily Wang, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    Pilot Study on Determining Annoyance Thresholds of Tones in Noise


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