Each year, at the corresponding NOISECON conference or North American INTER-NOISE Congress, one or more papers presented by students are selected for their outstanding content and quality of presentation. These selected student authors are then awarded the INCE-USA Student Paper Award at the conclusion of the conference.



  • Britton DeGarmo, Cedarville University
    Experimental dynamic flow characterization of hydraulic bushings

  • Srinivasa-Rao Ippili, University of Kentucky
    Deep learning based mechanical fault detection and diagnosis of electric motors using directional characteristics of acoustic signal

  • Amulya Lomte, Wichita State University
    Effect of geometrical defects on the acoustical and transport properties of periodic porous absorbers manufactured using stereolithography

  • Mark Anderson, Brigham Young University
    Towards high-quality X-59 sonic thump measurements

  • Juhyung Kim, Purdue University
    A constrained multi-channel hear-through filter design approach using active control formulations


  • Kyosung Choo, Purdue University
    The application of tuned mass dampers to the Tire Pavement Test Apparatus to minimize the impact of rig resonance

  • Dazhuang He, Purdue University
    Numerical modeling of noise and vibration due to gas discharge in hermetic compressors

  • Zhuang Mo, Purdue University
    A finite difference approach for predicting acoustic behavior of the poro-elastic particle stacks

  • Caleb Traylor, University of Massachusetts Lowell
    Computational investigation into the effect of material properties on aeroacoustics based damage detection from wind turbine blades

  • Edwin Yazbec, Michigan Technological University
    Investigation of an alternative force input method for impact sound rating


  • Pranav Sriganesh, The Ohio State University
    Silence for high-frequency turbocharger compressor noise via an acoustic straightener
  • Won Hong Choi, Purdue University
    Simulation of the frequency split of the fundamental air cavity mode of a loaded and rolling tire by using steady-state transport analysis


  • John Hollkamp, Purdue University
    Fractional Calculus Models for Simulating the Reflection of Sound Waves in Ducts with Acoustics Black Hole Terminations
  • Oluwafemi Akinmolayan, Oklahoma State University
    Experimental Acoustic Characterization of Silica Nanoparticle-Impregnated Kevlar Fabric
  • David Ramsey, Georgia Technological University
    Performance on an in-line syntactic-foam device for control of water hammer and fluid-borne noise
  • Matt Kelsten, Rutgers University
    Achieving Efficient Mode Coalescence in Metasurface-lined Acoustic Waveguides
  • Jianxiong Feng, Purdue University
    Application of a Virtual Rotating Array for Near-field Localization of Rotating Sound Sources


  • Daniel Carr, Purdue University
    An Investigation of the Contribution of Heaviness to Models of Annoyance for Sonic Booms and Other Impulsive Sounds
  • Suraj Prabhu, Michigan Technological University
    COMSOL Model of an Enclosed Coaxial Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Speaker with Perforate Analysis
  • Sunit Girdhar, Michigan Technological University
    Predicting Sound Power Response from a Simply Supported Rectangular Panel for Impact Insulation Class (IIC) Test
  • Brittany Wojciechowski, Wichita State University
    Acoustic Properties of 3D Printed Bulk Absorbers with Novel Surface Topologies
  • Yongjie Zhuang, Purdue University
    Study on the Cone Programming Reformulation of Active Noise Control Filter Design in the Frequency Domain


  • Steven Senczyszyn, Michigan Tech University
    Commercialization of the Carbon Nanotube Thermophone for HVAC Active Noise Control Applications
  • Yutong Xue, Purdue University
    A Comparison between Glass Fiber and Polymeric Fiber when Serving as a Structural Damping Medium for Fuselage-Like Structures
  • John Consolo, Penn State University
    Noise Transmission from a Small, Hermetic, Reciprocating Compressor
  • Mark Hurtado, Virginia Tech
    Low Speed Control Vortex Axial Fan Design for Minimum Noise
  • Caleb Goates, Brigham Young University
    Modeling Acoustic Resonators with Higher-Order Equivalent Circuits


  • Trinoy Dutta of Michigan Tech University
    Performance of Hard Disk Drives in High Noise Environments
  • Weonchan Sung, Purdue University
    Descriptors of Sound from HVAC&R Equipment
  • Micaela M. Thiery, Michigan Tech University
    Use of CNT Thinfilm Assemblies as Microphones through Hot-film Anemometry
  • Maxwell Toothman, Georgia Institute of Technology
    Performance Evaluation of a Syntactic-foam Water Hammer Arrestor
  • Nan Zhang, University of Kentucky
    Notes on Scale Modelling of Acoustic Scattering Problems


  • Tongyang Shi, Purdue University
    The Use of Wideband Acoustical Holography for Noise Source Visualization
  • Jiawei Liu, Purdue University
    Noise Source Identification Based on an Inverse Radiation Mode Procedure
  • Shu Jiang, Texas A&M University
    High-Resolution Ultrasonic NDE Imaging Method with Virtually Expanded Circumferential Aperture in Small-Diameter Cylindrical Oil/Gas Pipes
  • Gil Jun Lee, University of Cincinnati
    Design of a Squeak Test Apparatus Based on a Modified Sprag-Slip Mechanism
  • Kamil Kocak, Georgia Institute of Technology
    Analytical Modeling of a Single Hybrid Particle Impact Damper under Periodic Impulse Excitation


  • Nicholas Kim, Purdue University
    Microperforated films as duct liners
  • Rob Opdam, RWTH Aachen University
    Angle-Dependent Reflection Factor Measurements of Finite Samples with an Edge Diffraction Correction
  • Zhongzheng Liu, Texas A&M University
    Acoustic Streaming around a Spherical Microparticle/Cell under Ultrasonic Wave Excitation
  • Rui He, University of Kentucky
    Simulation of Airborne Paths using Frequency Based Substructuring
  • Seongil Hwang, Texas A&M University
    Ground Monitoring of Bottom Hole Assembly Vibration in Drill String System using Acoustic Transfer Functions and Hybrid Analytical/Two-Dimensional Finite Element Method


  • Yangfan Liu, Purdue University
    High Frequency Sound Field Simulation by the Method of Local Basis Representation
  • Peng Wang, University of Kentucky
    Impedance-to-Scattering Matrix Method for Silencer Analysis
  • Bao Tong, Purdue University
    Atmospheric Effects on Noise Propagation from an En-route Aircraft
  • Olivier Robin, Université de Sherbrooke
    Measuring sound absorption coefficient under a synthesized diffuse acoustic field
  • Philip Feurtado, The Pennsylvania State University
    A Design Parameter for Acoustic Black Holes


  • Seungkyu Lee, Purdue University
    Testing of fans with microperforated housings
  • Rui Cao, Purdue University
    Effect of rotation on the natural frequencies of coupled tire structural-acoustic modes
  • Glenn Pietila, University of Cincinnati
    Identifying varying preferences in a paired comparison jury study using unsupervised clustering techniques
  • Yitian Zhang, University of Kentucky
    Enhancing muffler or silencer performance by adding bypass ducts
  • Andrew Wixom, Boston University
    Efficient analysis of modifications to complex structures for vibration reduction


  • Guohua Sun, University of Cincinnati
    Modified Filtered-x LMS Algorithm for Active Control of Vehicle Road Impact Noise
  • Alexander Sell, Penn State University
    Using broadband, ship-radiated noise in shallow water environments to perform physics-based localization
  • Kuba Mazur, Université du Québec
    The development of an individual dosimetric hearing protection device
  • Michael Hayward, Purdue University
    Connecting the input values of an input cross-spectral density matrix to noise sources of a diesel engine
  • Bruno Campolina, Université de Sherbrooke
    Effect of mechanical links on the transmission loss of lightweight double-walls under diffuse acoustic field: Measurements and SEA


  • Andrew S. Willemsen, Michigan Technological University
    Enhanced noise and vibration dissipation by nanocomposite polyurethane foams synthesized with dispersed carbon nanotubes
  • Christina Naify, University of Southern California
    Transmission loss of membrane-type acoustic meta-materials with varying mass configurations
  • Andrew Jessop, Purdue University
    Calculation of pressure distribution of the interior acoustical mode of deformed tires
  • Wael Elwali, University of Cincinnati
    Effect of beam boundary condition on sound radiation inside planar acoustic cavity
  • Brian Choi, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
    Acoustic source localization using matched-field processing-based enhanced MVDR beamforming in a 3d-complex urban environment


  • Logesh Kumar Natarajan, Wayne State University
    Enhancing accuracy in reconstruction of vibro-acoustic responses of a complex structure using Helmholtz equation least squares based nearfield acoustic holography
  • Wenwei Jiang, University of Cincinnati
    Two-substructure, Time-Domain Transfer Path Analysis of Transient Dynamic Response of Mechanical Systems with Nonlinear Coupling
  • Jie Duan, University of Cincinnati
    A novel delayless frequency domain filtered-x least mean square algorithm for vehicle powertrain noise control
  • Tyler Dare, Purdue University
    Noise generation in contraction joints in Portland cement concrete
  • Joseph Corcoran, Virginia Tech
    Output-only modal testing of simple residential structures and acoustic cavities using the response to simulated sonic booms and ambient excitation


  • Matthew Shaw, Brigham Young University
    Acoustical analysis of an indoor test facility for a 30-mm Gatling gun
  • Csaba Huszty, The University of Tokyo
    An algorithm to adjust the clarity of room impulse responses for subjective tests
  • Jeremy Charbonneau,  University of Windsor
    Comparison of loudness calculation procedure results to equal loudness contours
  • Yoon-Shik Shin, Purdue University
    Inflow Treatment for Small Scale Axial Fans under Unfavorable Inflow Conditions
  • Philip W. Robinson, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    A Synthesized Aperture Goniometer for Diffusion Coefficient Measurements


  • Taewook Yoo, Purdue University
    Absorption of Finite-sized Microperforated Panels with Finite Flexural Stiffness at Normal Incidence
  • Brent Rudd, University of Cincinnati
    Evaluation of MRI Compatible Headphones for Active Noise Cancellation
  • Jinghao Liu, University of Kentucky
    A Simplified Two-load Method for Measuring Source Impedance
  • Asim Iqbal, Ohio State University
    Effect of Flow on the Acoustic Attenuation Characteristics of Helmholtz Resonators


  • Portia Peters, University of Southern California
    Loss Factors of Honeycomb Sandwich Structures: An Experimental Approach
  • Kamal Idrisi, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
    Passive Control of Sound Transmission through a Double Panel using Heterogeneous (HG) Blankets, Part II: HG Parametric Studies
  • Geon-Seok Kim, Pennsylvania State University
    Prediction of Diesel Engine Cooling Fan Noise
  • Song He, Ohio State University
    Improved Gear Whine Model with Focus on Friction-induced Structural-borne Noise
  • Connor Duke, Brigham Young University
    Optimization of Control Source Locations in a Free-field Active Noise Control Application using a Genetic Algorithm


  • Todd Thompson, Iowa State University
    Evaluating the Bonding Conditions of NASA Spray on Foam Insulation (SOFI) Using Audio Frequency Sound Absorption Measurements
  • Peter Shapiro, Pennsylvania State University
    Subjective Response to Low-Frequency Aircraft Noise
  • David Moenssen, Pennsylvania State University
    Determination of Shell-Radiated Noise of an Automobile Engine Air Intake System Using Numerical and Experimental Techniques
  • Andrew Kankey, Pennsylvania State University
    Proposed Piezoceramic Array for Rotational and Translational Structural Mobility
  • Ferdy Martinus, University of Kentucky
    An Advanced Noise Source Identification Technique Using the Inverse Boundary Element Method


  • Hans Super, University of Twente, The Netherlands
    Feedforward Control of Broadband Disturbances on a Six-degrees-of-freedom Vibration Isolation Set-up
  • Vivake Asnani, Ohio State University
    Active Control of Modulated Sounds in a Duct
  • Kiho Yum, Purdue University
    Sound Radiation Modes of a Tire on a Reflecting Surface
  • Jason D. LaLonde, Michigan Technological University
    Study and Reduction of Noise from an Electric Router
  • Andrew R. Barnard, Michigan Technological University
    Measurement of Sound Transmission using a Modified Four Microphone Impedance Tube


  • Jeong Woo Kim,  Ray W. Herrick Laboratories, Purdue University
    Sound Transmission through Lined Composite Fuselage Structures: Formulation of Anisotropic Poro-elastic Theory.
  • Kenji Homma,  Virginia Tech Vibration and Acoustics Labs in Blacksburg
    Broadband Active-Passive Control of Small Axial Fan.
  • Daniel A. Hicks and Kha Vu, Michigan Technological University
    Study and Reduction of Noise from a Pneumatic Nail Gun.


  • Moohyung Lee, Purdue University
    Application of Cylindrical NAH to the Visualization of Aeroacoustic Sources.
  • Kent L. Gee, Brigham Young University
    Multi-Channel Active Control of Axial Cooling Fan Noise.
  • T.C. Kim, Ohio State University
    Frequency Domain Analysis of Rattle in Gear Pairs and Clutches.
  • Jinho Song, Purdue University
    Modeling of Membrane Sound Absorbers.
  • Manmohan Moondra, Wayne State University
    Visualization of vehicle interior noise using HELS based NAH.


  • Kenneth Kaliski, Ayorkor Mills-Tetty, and Efrosyni Seitaridou, Dartmouth College
    Low-complexity continuous noise monitoring system for communities, small airports, and remote areas.
  • Theodore M. Kostek, Purdue University
    Eigenvector analysis for vibration isolation.


  • Junhong Park, Ray W. Herrick Laboratories, Purdue University
    Transmission loss of bulb seals.
  • Laralee G. Ireland, Brigham Young University
    Modeling the normal modes and acoustics of a jet engine.


  • Shuo Wang, Ray W. Herrick Laboratories, Purdue University
    A Zero-order Energy Finite Element Method: theory, applications, and similarity to SEA.
  • Manish Vaishya, Ohio State University
    Experimental Study of the acoustic field near gear meshing zones.
  • Byan H. Song, Ray W. Herrick Laboratories, Purdue University
    Effect of Circumferential Edge Constraint on the Transmission Loss of Glass Fiber Materials.


  • Fei Han, Ray W. Herrick Laboratories, Purdue University
    Energy Flow Analysis of Flow-Induced Vibrations of Plates


  • Troy Hartwig, Ray W. Herrick Laboratories, Purdue University
    Effects of Refraction on Short Range Outdoor Propagation over Asphalt Surfaces.


  • Robert M. Lilkendey, University of Florida
    “Propagation of Gun fire Noise from Open Air, Partially Enclosed Firing Ranges into a Surrounding Community”


  • Jonathan D. Blotter, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University at Blacksburg
    Identification of Energy Sources and Sinks to Enhance Noise Control in Plates


  • Lisa R. Taylor, Stevens Institute of Technology
    Acoustical and Fluid Dynamic Similarity for Air-moving Device Measurements on the ANSI Test Plenum
  • Thomas J. Royston, Ohio State University in Columbus
    Shaped PVDF Sensors for Intelligent Measurement of Acoustic Pressure in Liquid-filled Pipes
  • Todd E. Rook, Ohio State University in Columbus
    Analysis of Structure-borne Noise Power Flow through Bearings in a Gearbox
  • Gary S. Madaras, University of Florida in Gainsville
    Techniques for Interaural Cross-correlation Measurements
  • Craig M. Heatwole, Purdue University
    Prediction of Multiple-input Active Control of Road Noise in Automobile Interiors


  • Yeonjune Kang and Wan Tsoi, Purdue University
    The Effect of Mounting on the Acoustical Properties of Finite-depth Polyimide Foam Layers
  • Chandramouli Padmanabhan, Ohio State University
    Influence of Clutch Design on the Transmission and Perception of Automobile Transmission Rattle Noise
  • Seungbae Lee, University of California at Los Angeles
    Computation of Aerosound from Turbulent Flow Fields using Large-eddy Simulation
  • Kelly Kay, Pennsylvania State University
    Error Induced in Bending Wave Power Measurements Resulting from the Presence of Longitudinal Waves Part 2


  • Ziqiang Hu, Ray W. Herrick Laboratories, Purdue University
    The Propagation of Sound from an Arbitrarily Oriented Dipole over a Finite Impedance Plane
  • Peter J. Nashif, Pennsylvania State University
    An Active Control Strategy for Minimizing the Energy Density in Enclosures
  • Alan R. Masters and Sung Jin Kim, Ray W. Herrick Laboratories, Purdue University
    Experimental Investigation into Active Control of Compressor Noise Radiation Using Piezoelectric Actuators
  • Darren L. Hallman, Ray W. Herrick Laboratories, Purdue University
    Multi-referenced Nearfield Acoustical Holography
  • Chuan-Chiang Chen, Ohio State University
    Noise Reduction in Automotive Power Steering Transmission Lines


  • G. Wesley Blankenship, Ohio State University
    Development of a Signal Processing Technique fro the Objective Rating of Gear Noise
  • Wei Wei, University of Mississippi
    Gated Sound Power Measurement Using Sound Intensity
  • Jinko Lee, University of Illinois
    Compact Sound-Absorbing Structures for Low Frequencies
  • Ming-Ran Lee, Ohio State University
    Identification of Pure Tones Radiated by a Computer Disk Drive
  • Barry L. Agee and Allan D. Kelly, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
    Finite Element Model Updating Using Laser-based Experimental Dynamics for Noise Prediction Purposes


  • Jerry E. Farstad, Ohio State University
    Guidelines for the Effective Use of Refrigeration Discharge Mufflers
  • Delores E. Brown, Purdue University
    Multi-piston Compressor Noise Source Identification Using Parametric Multichannel Spectral Techniques
  • Peter Konieczy, Purdue University
    A Broadband Noise Prediction Scheme for Low-noise Centrifugal Blowers


  • R. W. Andrews, Purdue University
    Mechanisms of Sound Generation in Helical Twin-Screw Compressors
  • W. S. Chiu, Pennsylvania State University
    Subsonic Axial Flow Fan Noise and Inflow Velocity Disturbance
  • D. S. Mandic, Purdue University
    Active Noise Control in Damped Elastic Cylinders Using Vibrational Force Inputs
  • S. E. Smith, Stevens Institute of Technology
    Evaluation of Fan Noise Loudness Using A-weighted Sound Level and Zwicker’s Model
  • D. A. Ufford, Purdue University
    A Signal Processing Technique to Identify the Number of Incoherent Sources in a System

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