Each year, at the corresponding NOISECON conference or North American Internoise congress, one or more papers presented by students are selected for their outstanding content and quality of presentation. These selected student authors are then awarded the INCE-USA Student Paper Award at the conclusion of the conference.



  • Daniel Carr, Purdue University
    An Investigation of the Contribution of Heaviness to Models of Annoyance for Sonic Booms and Other Impulsive Sounds
  • Suraj Prabhu, Michigan Technological University
    COMSOL Model of an Enclosed Coaxial Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Speaker with Perforate Analysis
  • Sunit Girdhar, Michigan Technological University
    Predicting Sound Power Response from a Simply Supported Rectangular Panel for Impact Insulation Class (IIC) Test
  • Brittany Wojciechowski, Wichita State University
    Acoustic Properties of 3D Printed Bulk Absorbers with Novel Surface Topologies
  • Yongjie Zhuang, Purdue University
    Study on the Cone Programming Reformulation of Active Noise Control Filter Design in the Frequency Domain


  • Steven Senczyszyn, Michigan Tech University
    Commercialization of the Carbon Nanotube Thermophone for HVAC Active Noise Control Applications
  • Yutong Xue, Purdue University
    A Comparison between Glass Fiber and Polymeric Fiber when Serving as a Structural Damping Medium for Fuselage-Like Structures
  • John Consolo, Penn State University
    Noise Transmission from a Small, Hermetic, Reciprocating Compressor
  • Mark Hurtado, Virginia Tech
    Low Speed Control Vortex Axial Fan Design for Minimum Noise
  • Caleb Goates, Brigham Young University
    Modeling Acoustic Resonators with Higher-Order Equivalent Circuits


  • Trinoy Dutta of Michigan Tech University
    Performance of Hard Disk Drives in High Noise Environments
  • Weonchan Sung, Purdue University
    Descriptors of Sound from HVAC&R Equipment
  • Micaela M. Thiery, Michigan Tech University
    Use of CNT Thinfilm Assemblies as Microphones through Hot-film Anemometry
  • Maxwell Toothman, Georgia Institute of Technology
    Performance Evaluation of a Syntactic-foam Water Hammer Arrestor
  • Nan Zhang, University of Kentucky
    Notes on Scale Modelling of Acoustic Scattering Problems


  • Tongyang Shi, Purdue University
    The Use of Wideband Acoustical Holography for Noise Source Visualization
  • Jiawei Liu, Purdue University
    Noise Source Identification Based on an Inverse Radiation Mode Procedure
  • Shu Jiang, Texas A&M University
    High-Resolution Ultrasonic NDE Imaging Method with Virtually Expanded Circumferential Aperture in Small-Diameter Cylindrical Oil/Gas Pipes
  • Gil Jun Lee, University of Cincinnati
    Design of a Squeak Test Apparatus Based on a Modified Sprag-Slip Mechanism
  • Kamil Kocak, Georgia Institute of Technology
    Analytical Modeling of a Single Hybrid Particle Impact Damper under Periodic Impulse Excitation


  • Nicholas Kim, Purdue University
    Microperforated films as duct liners
  • Rob Opdam, RWTH Aachen University
    Angle-Dependent Reflection Factor Measurements of Finite Samples with an Edge Diffraction Correction
  • Zhongzheng Liu, Texas A&M University
    Acoustic Streaming around a Spherical Microparticle/Cell under Ultrasonic Wave Excitation
  • Rui He, University of Kentucky
    Simulation of Airborne Paths using Frequency Based Substructuring
  • Seongil Hwang, Texas A&M University
    Ground Monitoring of Bottom Hole Assembly Vibration in Drill String System using Acoustic Transfer Functions and Hybrid Analytical/Two-Dimensional Finite Element Method


  • Yangfan Liu, Purdue University
    High Frequency Sound Field Simulation by the Method of Local Basis Representation
  • Peng Wang, University of Kentucky
    Impedance-to-Scattering Matrix Method for Silencer Analysis
  • Bao Tong, Purdue University
    Atmospheric Effects on Noise Propagation from an En-route Aircraft
  • Olivier Robin, Université de Sherbrooke
    Measuring sound absorption coefficient under a synthesized diffuse acoustic field
  • Philip Feurtado, The Pennsylvania State University
    A Design Parameter for Acoustic Black Holes


  • Seungkyu Lee, Purdue University
    Testing of fans with microperforated housings
  • Rui Cao, Purdue University
    Effect of rotation on the natural frequencies of coupled tire structural-acoustic modes
  • Glenn Pietila, University of Cincinnati
    Identifying varying preferences in a paired comparison jury study using unsupervised clustering techniques
  • Yitian Zhang, University of Kentucky
    Enhancing muffler or silencer performance by adding bypass ducts
  • Andrew Wixom, Boston University
    Efficient analysis of modifications to complex structures for vibration reduction


  • Guohua Sun, University of Cincinnati
    Modified Filtered-x LMS Algorithm for Active Control of Vehicle Road Impact Noise
  • Alexander Sell, Penn State University
    Using broadband, ship-radiated noise in shallow water environments to perform physics-based localization
  • Kuba Mazur, Université du Québec
    The development of an individual dosimetric hearing protection device
  • Michael Hayward, Purdue University
    Connecting the input values of an input cross-spectral density matrix to noise sources of a diesel engine
  • Bruno Campolina, Université de Sherbrooke
    Effect of mechanical links on the transmission loss of lightweight double-walls under diffuse acoustic field: Measurements and SEA


  • Andrew S. Willemsen, Michigan Technological University
    Enhanced noise and vibration dissipation by nanocomposite polyurethane foams synthesized with dispersed carbon nanotubes
  • Christina Naify, University of Southern California
    Transmission loss of membrane-type acoustic meta-materials with varying mass configurations
  • Andrew Jessop, Purdue University
    Calculation of pressure distribution of the interior acoustical mode of deformed tires
  • Wael Elwali, University of Cincinnati
    Effect of beam boundary condition on sound radiation inside planar acoustic cavity
  • Brian Choi, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
    Acoustic source localization using matched-field processing-based enhanced MVDR beamforming in a 3d-complex urban environment


  • Logesh Kumar Natarajan, Wayne State University
    Enhancing accuracy in reconstruction of vibro-acoustic responses of a complex structure using Helmholtz equation least squares based nearfield acoustic holography
  • Wenwei Jiang, University of Cincinnati
    Two-substructure, Time-Domain Transfer Path Analysis of Transient Dynamic Response of Mechanical Systems with Nonlinear Coupling
  • Jie Duan, University of Cincinnati
    A novel delayless frequency domain filtered-x least mean square algorithm for vehicle powertrain noise control
  • Tyler Dare, Purdue University
    Noise generation in contraction joints in Portland cement concrete
  • Joseph Corcoran, Virginia Tech
    Output-only modal testing of simple residential structures and acoustic cavities using the response to simulated sonic booms and ambient excitation


  • Matthew Shaw, Brigham Young University
    Acoustical analysis of an indoor test facility for a 30-mm Gatling gun
  • Csaba Huszty, The University of Tokyo
    An algorithm to adjust the clarity of room impulse responses for subjective tests
  • Jeremy Charbonneau,  University of Windsor
    Comparison of loudness calculation procedure results to equal loudness contours
  • Yoon-Shik Shin, Purdue University
    Inflow Treatment for Small Scale Axial Fans under Unfavorable Inflow Conditions
  • Philip W. Robinson, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    A Synthesized Aperture Goniometer for Diffusion Coefficient Measurements


  • Taewook Yoo, Purdue University
    Absorption of Finite-sized Microperforated Panels with Finite Flexural Stiffness at Normal Incidence
  • Brent Rudd, University of Cincinnati
    Evaluation of MRI Compatible Headphones for Active Noise Cancellation
  • Jinghao Liu, University of Kentucky
    A Simplified Two-load Method for Measuring Source Impedance
  • Asim Iqbal, Ohio State University
    Effect of Flow on the Acoustic Attenuation Characteristics of Helmholtz Resonators


  • Portia Peters, University of Southern California
    Loss Factors of Honeycomb Sandwich Structures: An Experimental Approach
  • Kamal Idrisi, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
    Passive Control of Sound Transmission through a Double Panel using Heterogeneous (HG) Blankets, Part II: HG Parametric Studies
  • Geon-Seok Kim, Pennsylvania State University
    Prediction of Diesel Engine Cooling Fan Noise
  • Song He, Ohio State University
    Improved Gear Whine Model with Focus on Friction-induced Structural-borne Noise
  • Connor Duke, Brigham Young University
    Optimization of Control Source Locations in a Free-field Active Noise Control Application using a Genetic Algorithm


  • Todd Thompson, Iowa State University
    Evaluating the Bonding Conditions of NASA Spray on Foam Insulation (SOFI) Using Audio Frequency Sound Absorption Measurements
  • Peter Shapiro, Pennsylvania State University
    Subjective Response to Low-Frequency Aircraft Noise
  • David Moenssen, Pennsylvania State University
    Determination of Shell-Radiated Noise of an Automobile Engine Air Intake System Using Numerical and Experimental Techniques
  • Andrew Kankey, Pennsylvania State University
    Proposed Piezoceramic Array for Rotational and Translational Structural Mobility
  • Ferdy Martinus, University of Kentucky
    An Advanced Noise Source Identification Technique Using the Inverse Boundary Element Method


  • Hans Super, University of Twente, The Netherlands
    Feedforward Control of Broadband Disturbances on a Six-degrees-of-freedom Vibration Isolation Set-up
  • Vivake Asnani, Ohio State University
    Active Control of Modulated Sounds in a Duct
  • Kiho Yum, Purdue University
    Sound Radiation Modes of a Tire on a Reflecting Surface
  • Jason D. LaLonde, Michigan Technological University
    Study and Reduction of Noise from an Electric Router
  • Andrew R. Barnard, Michigan Technological University
    Measurement of Sound Transmission using a Modified Four Microphone Impedance Tube


  • Jeong Woo Kim,  Ray W. Herrick Laboratories, Purdue University
    Sound Transmission through Lined Composite Fuselage Structures: Formulation of Anisotropic Poro-elastic Theory.
  • Kenji Homma,  Virginia Tech Vibration and Acoustics Labs in Blacksburg
    Broadband Active-Passive Control of Small Axial Fan.
  • Daniel A. Hicks and Kha Vu, Michigan Technological University
    Study and Reduction of Noise from a Pneumatic Nail Gun.


  • Moohyung Lee, Purdue University
    Application of Cylindrical NAH to the Visualization of Aeroacoustic Sources.
  • Kent L. Gee, Brigham Young University
    Multi-Channel Active Control of Axial Cooling Fan Noise.
  • T.C. Kim, Ohio State University
    Frequency Domain Analysis of Rattle in Gear Pairs and Clutches.
  • Jinho Song, Purdue University
    Modeling of Membrane Sound Absorbers.
  • Manmohan Moondra, Wayne State University
    Visualization of vehicle interior noise using HELS based NAH.


  • Kenneth Kaliski, Ayorkor Mills-Tetty, and Efrosyni Seitaridou, Dartmouth College
    Low-complexity continuous noise monitoring system for communities, small airports, and remote areas.
  • Theodore M. Kostek, Purdue University
    Eigenvector analysis for vibration isolation.


  • Junhong Park, Ray W. Herrick Laboratories, Purdue University
    Transmission loss of bulb seals.
  • Laralee G. Ireland, Brigham Young University
    Modeling the normal modes and acoustics of a jet engine.


  • Shuo Wang, Ray W. Herrick Laboratories, Purdue University
    A Zero-order Energy Finite Element Method: theory, applications, and similarity to SEA.
  • Manish Vaishya, Ohio State University
    Experimental Study of the acoustic field near gear meshing zones.
  • Byan H. Song, Ray W. Herrick Laboratories, Purdue University
    Effect of Circumferential Edge Constraint on the Transmission Loss of Glass Fiber Materials.


  • Fei Han, Ray W. Herrick Laboratories, Purdue University
    Energy Flow Analysis of Flow-Induced Vibrations of Plates


  • Troy Hartwig, Ray W. Herrick Laboratories, Purdue University
    Effects of Refraction on Short Range Outdoor Propagation over Asphalt Surfaces.


  • Robert M. Lilkendey, University of Florida
    “Propagation of Gun fire Noise from Open Air, Partially Enclosed Firing Ranges into a Surrounding Community”


  • Jonathan D. Blotter, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University at Blacksburg
    Identification of Energy Sources and Sinks to Enhance Noise Control in Plates


  • Lisa R. Taylor, Stevens Institute of Technology
    Acoustical and Fluid Dynamic Similarity for Air-moving Device Measurements on the ANSI Test Plenum
  • Thomas J. Royston, Ohio State University in Columbus
    Shaped PVDF Sensors for Intelligent Measurement of Acoustic Pressure in Liquid-filled Pipes
  • Todd E. Rook, Ohio State University in Columbus
    Analysis of Structure-borne Noise Power Flow through Bearings in a Gearbox
  • Gary S. Madaras, University of Florida in Gainsville
    Techniques for Interaural Cross-correlation Measurements
  • Craig M. Heatwole, Purdue University
    Prediction of Multiple-input Active Control of Road Noise in Automobile Interiors


  • Yeonjune Kang and Wan Tsoi, Purdue University
    The Effect of Mounting on the Acoustical Properties of Finite-depth Polyimide Foam Layers
  • Chandramouli Padmanabhan, Ohio State University
    Influence of Clutch Design on the Transmission and Perception of Automobile Transmission Rattle Noise
  • Seungbae Lee, University of California at Los Angeles
    Computation of Aerosound from Turbulent Flow Fields using Large-eddy Simulation
  • Kelly Kay, Pennsylvania State University
    Error Induced in Bending Wave Power Measurements Resulting from the Presence of Longitudinal Waves Part 2


  • Ziqiang Hu, Ray W. Herrick Laboratories, Purdue University
    The Propagation of Sound from an Arbitrarily Oriented Dipole over a Finite Impedance Plane
  • Peter J. Nashif, Pennsylvania State University
    An Active Control Strategy for Minimizing the Energy Density in Enclosures
  • Alan R. Masters and Sung Jin Kim, Ray W. Herrick Laboratories, Purdue University
    Experimental Investigation into Active Control of Compressor Noise Radiation Using Piezoelectric Actuators
  • Darren L. Hallman, Ray W. Herrick Laboratories, Purdue University
    Multi-referenced Nearfield Acoustical Holography
  • Chuan-Chiang Chen, Ohio State University
    Noise Reduction in Automotive Power Steering Transmission Lines


  • G. Wesley Blankenship, Ohio State University
    Development of a Signal Processing Technique fro the Objective Rating of Gear Noise
  • Wei Wei, University of Mississippi
    Gated Sound Power Measurement Using Sound Intensity
  • Jinko Lee, University of Illinois
    Compact Sound-Absorbing Structures for Low Frequencies
  • Ming-Ran Lee, Ohio State University
    Identification of Pure Tones Radiated by a Computer Disk Drive
  • Barry L. Agee and Allan D. Kelly, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
    Finite Element Model Updating Using Laser-based Experimental Dynamics for Noise Prediction Purposes


  • Jerry E. Farstad, Ohio State University
    Guidelines for the Effective Use of Refrigeration Discharge Mufflers
  • Delores E. Brown, Purdue University
    Multi-piston Compressor Noise Source Identification Using Parametric Multichannel Spectral Techniques
  • Peter Konieczy, Purdue University
    A Broadband Noise Prediction Scheme for Low-noise Centrifugal Blowers


  • R. W. Andrews, Purdue University
    Mechanisms of Sound Generation in Helical Twin-Screw Compressors
  • W. S. Chiu, Pennsylvania State University
    Subsonic Axial Flow Fan Noise and Inflow Velocity Disturbance
  • D. S. Mandic, Purdue University
    Active Noise Control in Damped Elastic Cylinders Using Vibrational Force Inputs
  • S. E. Smith, Stevens Institute of Technology
    Evaluation of Fan Noise Loudness Using A-weighted Sound Level and Zwicker’s Model
  • D. A. Ufford, Purdue University
    A Signal Processing Technique to Identify the Number of Incoherent Sources in a System

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