The William W. Lang Award for the Distinguished Noise Control Engineer

The The William W. Lang Award for the Distinguished Noise Control Engineer recognizes individuals who have rendered conspicuous and consistently outstanding service to the Institute and to the field of noise control engineering over a sustained period. This honor corresponds to the title "Distinguished Professor" in academia and to the Honorary Fellowship Award of professional societies such as the Acoustical Society of America.

The William W. Lang Award for the Distinguished Noise Control Engineer is offered biennially on even-numbered years. This award will be available for nominations in 2024.

Award Recipients


2022 | Felicia Doggett

Felicia Doggett

In recognition of ongoing outstanding professional noise control engineering services for
architectural acoustics, service to INCE, disseminating her knowledge with the acoustical
(consulting) community and to the wider engineering community, and providing mentoring
to other acousticians and youth seeking guidance with STEM disciplines.

2020 | Kenneth Kaliski

Kenneth Kaliski

For his meaningful service to and enthusiastic support of INCE Board Certification, notable contributions to the field of wind turbine acoustics, and use of rigorous analytics and novel approaches to advance the field of noise control engineering.

2018 | Michael A. Bahtiarian

Michael A. Bahtiarian

In recognition of ongoing outstanding professional noise control engineering services for wide-ranging industrial, environmental and marine applications and support of INCE-USA. Michael’s contributions represent the spirit and passion that embodies the exceptional qualities of the Award’s namesake.

2016 | Rajendra Singh

Rajendra Singh

For his years as an outstanding researcher in the area of gear noise, an exemplary educator in the noise control industry, and for extensive contributions to INCE-USA and I-INCE that have enhanced professional discussions and connections within the industry.

2014 | J. Stuart Bolton

J. Stuart Bolton

For contributions to noise control technology and engineering through education, research and service to the Institute of Noise Control Engineering.

2014 | James K. Thompson

James K. Thompson

For leading international collaborations in reducing tire and brake noise and vibration, along with his leadership with INCE/USA and NNI.

2012 | Courtney B. Burroughs

Courtney B. Burroughs

Professor, consultant, researcher, editor, INCE Board member; Dr. Courtney Burroughs has served the acoustical engineering community for nearly fifty years.

2010 | Alan H. Marsh

Alan H. Marsh

For pioneering contributions to aircraft noise reduction, efforts to improve technical standards for sound level meters and for sustained service to INCE.

2004 | Eric E. Ungar

Eric E. Ungar

World-class engineering scientist, consultant, teacher, and author with significant international contributions to acoustics, noise and vibration control, structural dynamics and damping.

2003 | Robert J. Bernhard

Robert J. Bernhard

For contributions to numerical, experimental, and active methods in noise control, and for exemplary service to noise control education and to INCE.

2002 | William W. Lang

William W. Lang

For leadership, nationally and internationally, in the establishment of industrial noise programs, noise control organizations, and standards for noise control.

2001 | George C. Maling Jr.

George C. Maling Jr.

For pioneering leadership in establishing noise control as an engineering discipline, and for exceptional contributions to the development of international and national noise control practice and standards. 

1997 | Leo L. Beranek

Leo L. Beranek

For extraordinary and sustained contributions in engineering and practical applications in noise control engineering, in teaching, and publications for the education of noise control engineers, and for the formation, development, and sustenance of the Institute.

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