The Martin Hirschorn / IAC Prize (Best Paper) is funded with the income from a $100,000 gift given in 1999 by the New York Community Trust, Martin Hirschorn IAC Fund. The prize is awarded in even-numbered years for "The best paper on new and/or improved cost effective noise control and/or acoustical conditioning products as published in the two years preceding the award."

The Martin Hirschorn / IAC Prize (Best Paper) is awarded every other year on even years. The Prize will be next awarded during during NOISE-CON 2022.




Award Recipients

  • 2022: Michael Rose, B. Dagan Pielstick, Zach Jones, Scott Sommerfeldt, Kent Gee and Scott Thomson
    Case study: Noise reduction of a vacuum-assisted toilet, NCEJ July-August 2020
  • 2020: Scott D. Sommerfeldt, Matthew F. Calton, Caleb B. Goates, and David C. Copley
    Modeling acoustic resonators using higher-order equivalent circuits, NCEJ November-December 2019
  • 2018: Hugo E. Camargo, Amanda S. Azman, and Lynn Alcorn
    Development of noise controls for longwall shearer cutting drums, NCEJ September-October 2016
  • 2016: Anita Gidlöf-Gunnarsson, Evy Öhrström, Tor Kihlman, and Jens Forssén
    Noise responses before and after noise abatement measures in a residential intervention project, NCEJ May-June 2015
  • 2014: Franck Pérot, Min-Suk Kim, Vincent Le Goff, Xavier Carniel, Yvon Goth, and Christian Chassaignon
    Numerical optimization of the tonal noise of a backward centrifugal fan using a flow obstruction, NCEJ
  • 2012: Dan Palumbo and Jacob Klos, NASA Langley Research Center
    The effects of voids and recesses on the transmission loss of honeycomb sandwich panels, NCEJ
  • 2010: Mark A. MacDonald, Jessica Gullbrand, Yoshifumi Nishi, and Eric Baugh, INTEL Corp.
    Notebook blower inlet flow and acoustics: Experiments and simulations, NCEJ
  • 2008: Nikola Holecek, Brane Sirok, Marko Hocevar, Rudolf Podgornik and Rok Grudnik, Gorenje and University of Ljubljana in Slovenia
    Reducing the noise emitted from a domestic clothes-drying machine, NCEJ
  • 2006: Penelope Menounou, University of Texas at Austin and Jeong Ho You, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Design of a jagged-edge noise barrier: Numerical and experimental study
  • 2006: Michael Yang, George Lesieutre, Stephen Hambric, and Gary Koopman, Pennsylvania State University
    Development of a design curve for Particle Impact Dampers, NCEJ
  • 2004: Kent L. Gee and Scott D. Sommerfeldt
    A compact, active control implementation for axial cooling fan noise, NCEJ
  • 2002: Gerald C. Lauchle and Timothy A. Brungart, Pennsylvania State University
    Modifications of a Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for Noise Control, NCEJ
  • 2000: Murray Hodgson
    Scale-Model Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Novel Absorber Treatments for Industrial Noise Control, NCEJ

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