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INCE-USA is a non-profit professional organization whose primary purpose is to promote, through its members, noise control solutions to environmental, product, machinery, industrial and other noise problems. INCE-USA is a Member Society of the International Institute of Noise Control Engineering, an international consortium of organizations with interests in acoustics and noise control.

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Noise Control Engineering Journal

INCE-USA publishes the Noise Control Engineering Journal, the pre-eminent academic journal of noise control.


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Interested in noise control around the world? Check out the Noise/News International magazine.

Careers In Noise Control

Careers In Noise Control

INCE-USA hosts postings for job opportunities related to Noise Control Engineering.


Donate to INCE

Donate to INCE

The INCE Foundation is a non-profit, charitable organization, established in 1993 to support education in Noise Control Engineering. Click here to donate to the Foundation.



Join us for NOISE-CON 2023, which will be co-located with the 2023 SAE Noise & Vibration Conference and Exposition. Both conferences have separate technical sessions, as well as special joint sessions and a combined exposition hall. This is expected to be one of the largest noise and vibration conferences in North America, featuring as many as 150 exhibitors and a combined attendance of more than 1,500. See more details.

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The recording from INCE’s webinar on Acoustics and Fire-Resistant Design is now available for viewing. Click here for access to this webinar recording and others.



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A Quieter America Website from INCE-USA

INCE-USA is proud to announce our new website A Quieter America to provide knowledge about noise and noise control for the public. This is part of our Mission:

The Institute of Noise Control Engineering of the USA enables a quieter world through education, awareness, advocacy, and technical advancement.

This site provides information defining noise and its impact on health and the quality of life in an easy-to-understand format for readers from school age to professionals
in related fields. In addition, there is information about controlling noise with detailed information on specific noise issues.
Links are provided for more detailed technical information for those interested in learning more.

Take a look

There is a lot of useful information that may be helpful whether you have a general interest or a noise issue you would like to resolve.


March 8, 2023
INCE Member Spotlight
INCE Member Spotlight

There are similarities between a well-oiled machine and a well-oiled institute: creating efficiencies in the physical designs, collaborations in past and present research, and proper maintenance

March 3, 2023
NCEJ Volume 71, Issue 1 Released
NCEJ Volume 71, Issue 1 Released

The latest issue of the Noise Control Engineering Journal (NCEJ), Volume 71 Number 1 for January-February 2023 has been released. Take a look!

January 20, 2023
NCEJ Volume 70, Issue 6 Released with 1 Book Review
NCEJ Volume 70, Issue 6 Released with 1 Book Review

The latest issue of the Noise Control Engineering Journal (NCEJ), Volume 70 Number 6 for November-December 2022 has been released. Take a look!

Along with the issue there is 1 book review:

October 6, 2022
The Toxic Effects of Noise and What We're Not Doing About It (leaps.org)
The Toxic Effects of Noise and What We're Not Doing About It (leaps.org)

Our daily soundscape is a cacophony of earsplitting jets, motorcycles, and construction sites. Engineers know how to eliminate and control noise, but other countries are ahead of the U.S. when it comes to keeping the quiet - with related health benefits.

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