Acoustic holography

A standby power generator is shown operating in a hemi-anechoic chamber. The microphones on the robotic fixture scan the generator at precisely spaced intervals to build a holographic grid for analysis. (E-A-R Acoustic Technology Center)

Truck Testing

A heavy truck undergoing acoustical testing. (Blachford Acoustics Laboratory)

Gas Turbine Exhaust Stack

Near field noise measurements are used in the vicinity of a gas turbine exhaust stack at a gas processing plant. (HFP Acoustical Consultants)


The Institute of Noise Control Engineering of the USA

A non-profit professional organization incorporated in Washington, DC.  The primary purpose of the Institute is to promote through its members noise control solutions to environmental, product, machinery, industrial and other noise problems. INCE-USA is a Member Society of the International Institute of Noise Control Engineering, an international consortium of organizations with interests in acoustics and noise control.

For an early history of INCE-USA please click HERE.


Leo Beranek, 1914 - 2016, We mourn his passing but we celebrate his life and his work.

Leo Beranek, a Massachusetts renaissance man; scientist, teacher, entrepreneur, television executive, philanthropist, author, died in Westwood, Massachusetts, on October 10, 2016 at age 102 after a long and extraordinarily productive life. He leaves his wife Gabriella, sons James K. Beranek of Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Thomas B. Haynes of Chicago, Illinois and granddaughter, Antonia Hsu Haynes. He was predeceased by Phyllis Knight Beranek, his wife of 42 years. A recently written autobiography made available through his request is available here.  

Andras Illenyi, Rest In Peace, 28 May, 2016

It is with great sadness to inform you, that our beloved colleague, Andras Illenyi has died on 28 May, 2016.  Andras (or Bandi as he was called) has devoted his entire life to acoustics. He started his career in 1950 when he joined Prof. Tarnas TarnOczy's laboratory to work on speech audiometry and ultrasonic lenses. Later he moved to BEAG (Budapest Electroacoustic Factory) where he designed loudspeakers and sound reinforcement systems, and filed several patents.

ICA 2016

The 22nd International Congress of Acoustics, is to be held in Buenos aires, Argentina, from 5 to 9th September. This Congress is only held every third year so we encourage you to consider attending this ICA 2016

INCE-USA Is Seeking an Editor for the Noise Control Engineering Journal (NCEJ)

NCEJ, the archival journal of INCE-USA, is an international journal serving the noise control community. It covers such aspects of noise control engineering as product noise and sound quality, community noise, industrial noise, and noise policy. See this link for more information. Interested candidate should submit curricula vitae and letters of application by e¬mail as PDF attachments to the chair of the search committee: Teik C. LimChair, NCEJ Editor Search CommitteeINCE-USA Business Office12100 Sunset Hills Road, Suite 130Reston, VA 20190 E-mail:

Lou Sutherland 1926 - 2016

Louis C. Sutherland, of Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, age 89, passed away from natural causes on February 23, 2016.  He was born in Walla Walla, WA on July 2, 1926.  He met Marilyn McLean on a blind date in 1947; they were married in 1949 and had three children.

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