Focused Sessions

Technical Area
Proposed Focused Sessions


Passive Noise Control
Next Generation Materials - Metamaterials and Acoustic Black Holes
Acoustic Materials


Aeroacoustic Noise
Numerical Methods for Aeroacoustics
Inverse Problems for Source Identification
3D Sound Field Visualization
Low Frequency Noise and Vibration Control
Turbulent Boundary Layer Noise
Optimization of Vibro-Acoustic System Design
Aircraft Interior Flow-Induced Noise
Community Noise from Jet Engines
Fan Noise


Experimental Techniques and Instrumentation
Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence in Noise Control
Measurements and Signal Processing
Beamforming and Holography


Modeling, Numerical/Analytical Techniques
Urban Air Mobility Vehicle Interior Noise
Aircraft Interior Noise
Electric Vehicle Noise
Ground Vehicle Interior Noise
Spacecraft Acoustics and Vibration
Oil Platform Noise and Vibration
Marine Noise and Vibration


Sound Quality and the Perception and Effects of Noise
Sound Quality and Evaluation of Product Noise
Electrification and Sound quality Impact
Consumer Product Sound


​Building Acoustics
Building Envelope and Sound Isolation
Mass Timber Construction
Case Studies in Building Acoustics
Codes, Standards, and Guidelines (Past, Present, and Future Relevance)
Speech Privacy and Office Noise Control
Architectural Noise and Vibration Control
Building Acoustics and Modeling
HVAC and Building Systems Noise Control


Product Noise Emissions
Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Noise
Product Noise Rating and Emission
Product Noise Control Success Stories
IT Noise
Construction Power Tools and Equipment


Transportation Noise
Advanced Materials / Alternate mitigation
Vibration Effects on Sensitive Equipment
Challenges for Design/Build Projects
Health Effects of Transportation Noise and Vibration Predictors and Measurements
Application of Machine Learning in Transportation Noise and Vibration
Practical Applications of NCHRP 791 Methodologies
Challenges with Transportation Noise Standards
Future transportation – Space, EVs, UAVs, and others


Motor Vehicle Noise and Vibration (NVH)
Enhanced Sound and Sound Design
Acoustic Vehicle Alert Systems (AVAS) / Exterior Sound
Subjective Response to Wind Noise


Renewable Energy Noise
Wind Turbine Noise - Human Impact, Perception and Community Engagement
Advanced in Renewable Energy Capture and Storage Noise


Community Noise
Construction Noise


Industrial Noise
Flow-Induced Noise/Vibration Applications to Turbomachinery
Large Silencers and Enclosures
Case Studies
Mining Noise
Powerplant and Turbomachinery Noise




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