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Institute of Noise Control Engineering of the USA

INCE-USA is a non-profit professional organization whose primary purpose is to promote, through its members, noise control solutions to environmental, product, machinery, industrial and other noise problems. INCE-USA is a Member Society of the International Institute of Noise Control Engineering, an international consortium of organizations with interests in acoustics and noise control.

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INCE-USA publishes the Noise Control Engineering Journal, the pre-eminent academic journal of noise control.


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Interested in noise control around the world? Check out the Noise/News International magazine.

Careers In Noise Control

Careers In Noise Control

INCE-USA hosts postings for job opportunities related to Noise Control Engineering.


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Donate to INCE

The INCE Foundation is a non-profit, charitable organization, established in 1993 to support education in Noise Control Engineering. Click here to donate to the Foundation.


INCE-USA Donation Supports Science and Math Center in New Orleans

Learn more! Sci High is an open enrollment high school dedicated to a full curriculum with an emphasis on science and math.

2020 is the International Year of Sound

The International Year of Sound (IYS 2020) is a global initiative to highlight the importance of sound in all aspects of life on earth. The celebration will increase the public's understanding of sound-related issues at the national and international level. INCE-USA is a Sponsor of the International Year of Sound. Learn more at sound2020.org.

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If you have a noise concern, INCE-USA can help.

INCE-USA has hundreds of qualified noise experts throughout the country and even internationally. We recommend you find an expert local to you that is familiar with the noise ordinances and concerns in your community.

You can find one in our member directory by clicking “Guest Directory Access” and entering your state: https://portal.inceusa.org/Portal/INCE_USA_Directory/Directory_Selection.aspx

Acoustical consulting firms can be found through a directory from the National Council of Acoustical Consultants by doing a similar search at: https://ncac.com/resources/directory/


September 17, 2021
Indian Researcher Develops Noise Control Sheet Absorber by Mimicking Bee Hives

An Indian researcher has fabricated paper honeycomb and stronger polymer honeycomb structure as sound-absorbing panels that dissipate acoustic energy to low-frequency ranges. The technology can be used in building acoustics and also as environmental noise control solution.

September 7, 2021
The Future of Shape Memory Alloys for Aircraft Landing Noise Reduction

As air traffic is projected to increase dramatically over the next decade, reducing noise pollution becomes an even more necessary and demanding challenge. Decades of research have been dedicated to reducing the noise of an aircraft's engine but have tended to neglect the noise caused by the airframe during landing.

August 31, 2021
Living Legends
Living Legends

In this episode of The Noise News, a podcast brought to you by NNI, our host Eoin King is joined today by Dr. Jim Thompson. Dr. Thompson is the current editor of the Noise Control Engineering Journal and Past President of INCE-USA. Dr. Thompson shares his 40 years of experience with us, and shares career advice to those on planning to join the industry.

August 27, 2020
INCE Member Spotlight: Felicia Doggett
INCE Member Spotlight

Is Philadelphia the "City of Brotherly Love" — or the "City of Really Annoying Swimmers?"
Founder and CEO of Metropolitan Acoustics Felicia Doggett Answers This Question and More in This Quarter's INCE Member Spotlight.

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