Recent Advances in Active Control of Sound and Vibration

Recent Advances in Active Control of Sound and Vibration
R.A. Burdisso, Editor
Proceedings of the Second Conference on Recent Advances in Active Control of Sound and Vibration, C.R. Fuller, Chairman, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Virginia, 24061, USA, 1993 April 28-30. Available from Technomic Publishing Company, 851 New Holland Avenue, Box 3535, Lancaster, PA 17604, USA.
xiii + 1006 pp, hardcover, USD 195

The concept of active control of sound and vibration is relatively simple to understand even for a layman, but the theory and application of active control are complex, and are being studied at many institutions around the world. This collection of 80 papers related to active control is unusual for a proceedings volume because the papers are of full length, about 12 pages each, and the typography is unusually good. The manuscripts appear to be prepared by the authors, but they have a common style, and contain excellent figures and readable equations. The titles of the seventeen sections in the book give an idea of the breadth of the coverage: Feedforward Algorithms I, Interior Noise, Modeling and System Identification, Actuators and Sensors, Applications I, Feedback Algorithms, Structurally Radiated Sound I, Duct Acoustics, Active Isolation and Absorbers, Feedforward Algorithms II, Fluid Structure Interaction, Flexible Structures, Feedforward Algorithms III, Applications II, Vibration Control, Structurally Radiated Sound II, and Sound Field Modification.

This volume is a follow-on to the proceedings of the first conference on the same topic which was also held at Blacksburg Virginia - on 1991 April 15-17. The earlier volume was edited by C.A. Rogers and C.R. Fuller, and contains 924 technical pages in a format similar to that of the second proceedings. Unfortunately, the first volume is now out of print.