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Student Paper Competition

INCE/USA is pleased to announce a Student Paper Prize Competition for Noise-Con 2008, the 2008 National Conference and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering, to be held in Dearborn, MI from July 28-31. As many as five prizes will be awarded. Winners will receive $500 plus an additional $500 if they attend the Noise-Con 2008 awards ceremony. If the paper is expanded and, after peer review, published in Noise Control Engineering Journal, the student will receive an additional $500 award.

Noise-Con 2008 is being held in conjunction with SQS2008 and the 30th ASME NCAD.  Only papers submitted to Noise-Con 2008 will be considered in the Noise-Con 2008 student paper competition.  ASME NCAD is sponsoring a separate student paper competition for student papers submitted to that part of the conference.

Click here to download the entry form and rules. (32K Word doc)

The Rules of the Competition are as follows:

SUBJECT OF PAPER. The manuscript must deal with some aspect of noise control. (See the INCE Classification of Subjects.) The paper should deal with a practical aspect of noise control; it does not have to relate to thesis research. Practical results should be stressed. Literature reviews are not encouraged.

AUTHORSHIP. Each manuscript submitted must represent original work by the author(s) who is (are) registered as student(s) at a U.S. university or college on Feb. 4, 2008. The name of the U.S. university or college must appear on the manuscript. A faculty advisor may serve as a co-author if appropriate; the name of a faculty member will normally be listed as the last co-author. All authors must either be students or the faculty advisors of the students. Prize money (if any) will be divided equally among the student co-authors. Winners of previous INCE/USA Student Paper Prize Competitions are not eligible.

CERTIFICATION. The originality of each manuscript must be certified by the signature on the entry form of the first author and a faculty member at the U.S. university or college at which the student(s) is (are) registered. If a faculty member is listed as a co-author, he or she must certify that the student(s) made the major contribution to the work reported in the paper.

CONNECTION WITH INCE/USA. All student authors must be Associates, Members, or Student Members of INCE/USA. The faculty member certifying to the originality of a submitted paper must be an Associate or Member of INCE/USA. (Note: If the author(s) or faculty members are not Associates or Members of INCE/USA, application(s) and check(s) for such status must accompany the manuscript submission. Students are eligible for a discounted rate

MANUSCRIPTS. The manuscripts must follow the standard paper submission lengths and formats for all other Noise-Con 08 submissions. Instructions for paper format can be found on the Noise-Con 08 website.

DEADLINE. An abstract of the manuscript must be submitted by Feb. 4, 2008 (extended to Feb 25). The author should indicate that the manuscript to be submitted is to be considered in the student paper competition. Manuscripts must be submitted and a Competition Entry Form must be mailed and received no later than April 28, 2008. If the student(s) and faculty member are not Associates or Members of INCE/USA, application forms and checks payable to INCE/USA must be received by April 28, 2008. A Competition Entry Form is required for any paper to be considered in the competition. Even if the INCE paper deadline is extended, papers submitted after April 28, 2008 will not be considered for the student paper competition.

JUDGES. All decisions of the INCE/USA judges are final. The Institute reserves the right to make fewer than five awards or no awards at all.

JUDGING CRITERIA. Judges will evaluate the papers by considering:

  1. The difficulty of the problem addressed and the practical value of the work performed to noise control engineering.
  2. The technical quality of the investigation.
  3. The quality of the technical communication.
  4. The quality of the oral presentation.

HANDLING OF MANUSCRIPTS. All contest manuscripts received will be carefully considered for a prize award. All papers submitted to and accepted by the Noise-Con 2008 conference will be published in the conference proceedings and presented at the conference including all Student Paper Prize entries.

PRESENTATION OF PAPERS. All manuscripts will be scheduled for oral presentation during technical sessions of NOISE-CON 2007. All contest entrants must present their papers in person in the session to which their papers are assigned. They must also be present in person at the awards ceremony of Noise-Con 2007 to receive the full prize money.

CHECK-OFF LIST. To be complete, an entry in the Noise-Con 2008 Student Paper Prize Competition must include the following:

Submitted electronically as part of regular submission procedures:
( ) Abstract
( ) Manuscript

Mailed, Faxed, or Scanned and Emailed: 
( ) Competition Entry Form
( ) INCE/USA Associate Application Forms and checks for authors and faculty members who are not Associates or Members of INCE/USA (obtain at

CONTEST MAILING ADDRESS. The abstract is due on Feb. 4, 2008 (extended to Feb 25). All of the other materials must be received by April 28, 2008. Use the following mailing address:

Student Paper Prize Competition
INCE USA Business Office
210 Marston
Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50011-2153
Telephone: (515) 294-6142; Fax: (515) 294-3528

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